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Hisense’s Top TV Picks for May

Hisense’s Top TV Picks image 2024-05-20 08.00.30 - Desktop.jpg

 How is it already May? We can’t believe how quick this year is flying by, but it does mean we can share some amazing TV shows coming out this month with you. Binge your way through these hit programmes or make it more of a slow burn, however you like to watch a show we’re sure you’ll be so invested it will be June before you know it! What better way to enjoy all the drama than on a crystal-clear TV or Laser TV. Hisense have a wide range of products to suit whatever you want, the U7K and PX1 Pro are definitely ones to check out, and in this blog, we’ve highlighted some their top-quality features that will transport you right into the scene! (Don’t blame us if your horror programme gets too real though).  


  1. Hacks  

2nd May  

This hit show is finally coming back for another season this May and we can’t wait to see what’s in store! Season two followed Deborah and Ava on their road trip trying to land a new Las Vegas residency, and we’re sure there’s going to be another great gripping plot to keep you hooked in season three. Staying hooked is easy when your picture quality is crystal clear, and with the U7K’s Mini LED tech and thousands of LED lights you’ll have incredible and vivid colour too. Using smaller lights than other TVs in miniature dimming zones means that detail is amazingly life-like.   


  1. Bridgerton  

16th May  

The tales of Bridgerton have had everyone enthralled for the past two seasons, and there is just as much high anticipation for season three. Each season follows g the love, friendship and mystery of the young socialite’s upper-class lives, and we’re sure there’s lots more drama in stall for this season’s main focus, Penelope Featherington. With Hisense, you can get a screen just as big as the characters with the PX1 Pro and its projection size range of 90” to 130”. With a Triple Pure Colour Laser with an incredible colour gamut range, you’ll also feel like you’re in the tranquil English settings of Bridgeton.  


  1. A Man in Full  

2nd May  

Following Atlanta real estate mogul, Charlie Croker, after his fall from grace he must learn how to capitalise off it. This 6-part series will definitely shock you, as you follow Charlie navigate who is friend and who is foe. The U7K’s Hi-View intelligent processor ensures whatever you watch will run smoothly so you can stay fully invested. With a powerful neural network, the processor is able to optimize the display with real-time frame-level analysis.  


  1. Unfrosted  

3rd May  

Super business rivals Kellogg’s and Post are in a race to create the next best thing in the breakfast market. This tense tale features a star-studded cast including Jerry Seinfeld, Melissa McCarthy, Jim Gaffigan, Amy Schumer, and Hugh Grant to name just a few! Get spectacular brightness, contrast and ultra vivid pictures with the PX1Pro when you lock in to watch this series, thanks to its Dolby Vision HDR10 which brings everything to life!  


  1. Eurovision  

11th May  

This beloved continental singing competition is back and better than ever. A perfect watch for a Saturday night, you can travel across Europe as you hear all the incredible entries. Stunning visuals, catchy beats and synchronised dances are all part of Eurovision unique charm, so having a high-quality display is paramount to experience is in true style. The U7K comes with Quantum Dot Colour which can process and display over a billion shades of vivid colour. Never settle for a dull display again and let the U7K show the real way to watch.  


Whatever you fancy watching this May, the U7K and the PX1 Pro are here to make everything that bit better with their innovative tech features. To learn more about their top-quality features just head on over to the website or click here for the U7K and here for the PX1 Pro.