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Why the RS818 is Perfect for Summer BBQs: Hisense’s Cobb Salad Recipe

Why the RS818 is Perfect for Summer BBQs_ Hisense’s Cobb Salad Recipe  - d.webp

We think that the hallmark of the perfect summer BBQ is a variety of great fresh food for everyone to enjoy. From beautifully tender meat to zesty salad mixes like our very own Cobb Salad, the first step is always making sure you keep your ingredients perfectly preserved in the fridge. Some fridges might not be able to handle the hot summer days and could leave you with wilted and withered food which is a complete no no for this Euro summer of fun. Luckily, with the RS818 by your side you’ll be sure to keep all your summer goodies in their optimum condition. This Cobb Salad recipe is full of fantastic food and with the RS818’s spacious 632L capacity there is more than enough room for it all. We think this recipe is a great one to add to your BBQ rotation with its flurry of seasonal delights and refreshing taste!  



1½ tbsp olive oil (you might also need a drizzle for frying) 

½ tsp salt and freshly ground black pepper 

½ tsp paprika 

½ tsp ground coriander 

½ tsp garlic granules 

2 skinless chicken breasts 

12 slices smoked pancetta  

3 eggs 

2 large shallots (finely chopped) 

1 large avocado (removed the stone and peel) 

1 large romaine lettuce (chopped) 

80g watercress (chopped)  

180g cherry tomatoes (halved) 

100g Roquefort cheese (diced) 

½ bunch chives (finely chopped) 

7 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

3 tbsp red wine vinegar 

1 tbsp Dijon mustard 

freshly ground black pepper 



Start off by adding olive oil, salt, paprika, ground coriander and garlic granules into a sealable bag or container to combine.  

Then add the chicken breasts allow the seasoning to cover it entirely. Seal well and allow to sit for at least 20 minutes in the fridge, for extra flavour you can store it for up to 8 hours (we deffo recommend). With the RS818’s Digital Temp Sensor the cooling levels in the fridge are constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure it’s the optimum condition for your food. Just what we need to allow the chicken to marinate to utter perfection.  

Next, you can begin to heat up the BBQ and begin frying off until it is golden in colour! Remove from the heat and allow them to cool and drain on some kitchen paper. 

Whilst the BBQ is still hot you can now add the chicken. To help the chicken cook and grill evenly you can place a plate on top to help weigh them down. Cook for around 7 minutes and then turn over to cook for a further 3-4 minutes. Ensure the chicken is fully cooked before removing from the heat. 

With the pan still over a low heat, add the chicken to the fat that’s rendered from the pancetta (if there isn’t enough, add a little olive oil). Place a plate on the chicken breasts to weigh them down, and fry for 7 minutes, then turn and cook for another 3–4 minutes, or until fully cooked through. 

Then you can boil the eggs in boiling water for around 7 minutes to cook.  

The pancetta should be cool enough to crumble up into bitesize pieces. You can also begin to cut up the chicken into smaller pieces too!   

You can add the shallots to the BBQ to caramelize or cook in a pan, whichever you prefer.  

The eggs should be cooked at this point so you can also remove them from the water to peel and chop into slices. You can also cut up the avocado at this time as well.  

Now it’s time to plate everything together, starting with the chopped salad leaves, then half of the shallots, followed by the chicken in the middle. Next add all the tomatoes, avocado, eggs, pancetta and Roquefort in rows either side of the chicken. Keeping vegetables fresh can be hard but with Multi-Air Flow on the RS818 means that cold air is evenly distributed across the shelves and everything is perfectly preserved.  

For a delicate garnish you can sprinkle over the chives!  

For our dressing add the remainder of the shallots to a jug, along with oil, vinegar and mustard, salt and pepper. Whisk it all together and alter with any additions to make it exactly to your liking. Drizzle generously over the salad and your Cobb Salad is ready to be enjoyed in the sun.