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Which Hisense Hob is right for you?

Which Hisense Hob is right for you - d.webp

 It’s great to have so much choice when it comes to finding the perfect hob for your needs. With our cooking range we have a great selection of different hobs, and to help you choose the right fit for you we’ve highlighted some the top features for each type! It doesn’t need to be confusing picking a hob for kitchen and hopefully by the end of the blog you’ll have a better idea of which one you like the most.  


One type of hob is the induction hob, which uses electromagnetic induction to heat up instead of the traditional gas flames or electric coils. One of our personal favourite models is the HI8421BSC  since it has a whole host of incredible features that are a total game changer in the kitchen. One great bonus on the HI8421BSC is its Super Zone, which is a spacious 230mm area on the hob that’s is perfect for using with larger pots and pans. Positioned at the front of the hob, the Super Zone is large enough to heat up all areas of cookware so all your food can be cooked evenly.  

Rapid Boil is another handy feature on the HI8421BSC and is perfect for all the pasta lovers out there. Rapid boil is great since it can be used on a wide variety of foods, like searing steaks and flash frying seafood!  

If you have young children, the Child Lock is a welcomed addition. This prevents children from accidently switching on the hob to keep those little fingers completely safe from any accidents.  


If you prefer a more traditional hob then our GG643B Gas Hob is a great choice. Its Cast Iron Pan Support are study and stylish, making it super simple to move pots from one hob to the next. Plus, they can easily be lifted up for speedy cleaning!  

One cool feature we love on the GG643B is the One Hand Ignition. This is great for when you have your hands full stirring one pot and need to get another hob ready to go!  

Safety is also key with the GG643B with its Gas Stop, which stops any gas flow from coming out if the flame gets extinguished.  


Finally Hisense also offer Glass Ceramic Hobs like the E6431C. These types of hobs offer a sleek and stylish look to your kitchen as well as being super quick to heat up.  

Pause and Add is also an excellent feature to take advantage of, as you can pause the hob for 10 minutes after to which it will turn back on with the same setting you had on before. You can pick up right where you left off! 

Finally, the In-Built Timer on the E6431C means that you can stay on track of your cooking. The E6431C will even beep to alert you it is going to turn off so you don’t have to deal with any burn cooking disasters!  

Whichever hob you decide on, you’ll be guaranteed the best of Hisense’s top tech. Make you life that bit easier with a Hisense hob and learn even more about the specific products we’ve mentioned above you can click on the product links. To see our other hobs, you can also check out the website’s cooking hub!