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Perfect Viewing Experience: Setting Up Your Hisense TV for the 2024 Euros

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The Euros are almost here, and we want everyone to enjoy them in stunning quality. Hisense TVs have incredible power and capabilities like AI Sports Mode to fully optimise your viewing experience. Setting up your new Hisense TV is also super simple, so you can get straight into the action instead of being bogged down in a tedious set up process.  


Step One: Unboxing  


There are very few things as satisfying as unboxing your new tech purchase, so start of by getting your TV out the box. You can indulge in all the delight of peeling off the plastic and removing the styrofoam. Once you’ve done this you can place it where you wish and plug it into the power outlet.  


Step Two: Languages  


It would be pretty hard to do the set up when you can’t understand the writing, so we start off by asking you to select your language. There are a whole host of different languages from all over the world to choose from!  


Step Three: Set Up Method 


There are two different ways to carry out the set-up process and it all depends on your personal preference. One way is to scan the QR Code that appears on the TV and use your mobile device to complete all the set-up steps. Or, if you prefer you can complete the set-up steps manually on the TV using your remote. In this blog we’re going to talk you through how to do it the latter way, but using your mobile is just as easy!  


Step Four: Location 


The next screen will prompt you to select your location, and this helps you when it comes to getting localised content such as live news.  

Step Five: Auto Channel Scan  

Now you can do an Auto Channel Scan which adds all the channels such as BBC and much more. 

Step Six: Post Code 

You can then add in your post code which allows your Hisense TV to use the location you inputted earlier to match the right local channels for you 

Step Seven: Wi-Fi  

You can then connect to the internet by simply selecting your Wi-Fi and adding in your password.  

Step Eight: T&C’s 

You can then have a read through the privacy and policy conditions, and when you’re happy just move on to the next step!  

Step Nine: VIDAA Account Set Up  

Next, you’ll want to set up a VIDAA account if you don’t already have one. VIDAA is a great platform that allows you to keep all your subscriptions in one place, so you don’t have to manage them all separately. This is really straight forward and once you have done this you’ll see the VIDAA homepage every time you turn on your Hisense TV.  

Step Ten: Voice Services  

If you like using your voice to control your TV rather than the remote, then now is the time to choose your preferred service. You can use Amazon Alexa or VIDAA Voice to find what you want to watch, and we’re sure you’ll be saying “play the Euros” in no time at all!  

Step Eleven: Name your TV 

This is a useful step if you have multiple TVs, for example you can name them living room TV or bedroom TV to make it easier to manage them. Feel free to call them what you like, even it its Bob.  

Then you’ll have a fully optimised Hisense TV just in time for kick off. Gone are the days of long and confusing TV set up, with Hisense it’s a total breeze and you can start enjoying all that your TV has to offer not long after it was delivered.  

Before you go, we thought we’d also share some helpful tips that help optimise your TV even more. Firstly, on your VIDAA homepage you’ll see an array of apps ready to go, but if you want to add something else to the line up you can just go the App Store to insert more. You can also easily reorder the apps so the ones you use the most are just a few clicks away. To place apps further up just scroll to the desired app, hold down on the OK button and then use the arrows on the remote to drag and drop to where you desire. Easy as pie!  

TV set up shouldn’t make you break a sweat, but we can’t say the same for your team in the Euros, and we’re sure you’ll be on the edge of your seat this tournament! To find your perfect Hisense TV just pop over to the TV Hub on our website or click here!