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The BSA66346PDBGUK Hi6 Blackline Oven achieves a Which? Best Buy!

The BSA66346PDBGUK Hi6 Blackline Oven receives a Which_ Best Buy Award - Desktop.jpg

 The BSA66346PDBGUK Hi6 Blackline Oven has just earned itself a well-deserved Which? Best Buy. Which? Found the BSA66346PDBGUK “impressive and a Best Buy.” since it “heats up quickly, maintains temperature well, and baking and grilling are a breeze."  

What did Which say about the BSA66346PDBGUK Hi6 Blackline Oven? 

Which? commented on the super quick heat-up time, taking only 3 minutes and 16 seconds! Rest assured that the BSA66346PDBGUK will heat up in no time, so you don’t have to wait around any longer. Which? also found that this heat-up time was also the fastest in that round of testing by a minute! This is one of our personal favourite features and something we think it really sets the BSA66346PDBGUK apart! 

Which? maintained their vigorous and controlled testing and whilst testing out the BSA66346PDBGUK they cooked a cake and two trays of shortbread. Delicious! They found that the cake came out perfectly light and airy whilst also having a lovely golden colour, every baker’s dream. The shortbread also came out a gorgeous golden colour with Which? putting it down to the even heat distribution of the oven!   

The grill also got positive feedback with Which? adding that it can cover 90% of the cooking area. Now you can say goodbye to the hassle of having to constantly move things around to cook your food evenly.  

Another thing Which? noted was how the BSA66346PDBGUK was easier to clean than the average oven they have tested in the past. A definite plus for any busy households, we’re sure! 

Our Top BSA66346PDBGUK Hi6 Features  

Clean-up is one of the BSA66346PDBGUK’s key assets thanks to its handy Pyrolytic Clean function. Using high powered heat to loosen any grease and grime, clean-up is as simple as a quick wipe. 

With Even Bake technology and 77l of capacity in the BSA66346PDBGUK, you can also cook all the mouthwatering cake and shortbread you could ever want! The BSA66346PDBGUK also comes with specialised modes such as Pizza Mode which make it incredibly easy to cook, or if you prefer you can enable features like Steam Add Plus to get the perfect crust, you have total flexibility.  

With a rage of amazing modes as well as added extras like a Food Probe, the BSA66346PDBGUK is the perfect cooking partner to have in your kitchen. Plus, Which? marked it as easy to use so there’s no need to worry about any overcomplicated interfaces making your life any harder!  

To learn more about all the other features the BSA66346PDBGUK has to offer head over the website today. For more information about how Which? rated the BSA66346PDBGUK just click here!