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Why you need to invest in a Hisense dishwasher for the new year



Post Christmas you have decided you spent way too much time washing up after guests rather than getting involved in the Christmas fun!

To avoid this happening next year, or at any other social event, invest in a Hisense dishwasher to be your helping hand. A dishwasher is an essential household item to aid in a quick clean-up operation before bed!

The HS693C60XADUK offers a 16-place setting, which ensures that all of your used items can fit in straight after use. So, there is no need to wait around to put on another cycle or begin handwashing.

Top tip : it is crucial to stack your dishwasher properly so that you can fit everything in properly. A general rule to follow is stacking the heavier, larger items on the bottom. This way, you can put the adjustable drawers function to use, and move them up or down accordingly to what else you need to fit in the machine. This will help to fit in the tricky bits and bobs like tall wine glasses.

This is extremely handy when hosting on occasions like Christmas, birthdays and new year, but can also prove useful on a day to day basis when cooking a family meal, batch cooking, or even washing both lunch and dinners pots and pans together!

Auto dry also aids in the drying of your plates; the machine will automatically open its door after a finished cycle. It then lets out steam and dries everything inside.

A Hisense 16 place setting dishwasher will typically use around 277kwh of energy per year, when used once a day. This is around 26p per use.

It is argued that using a dishwasher is much more efficient than handwashing; a The Hisense HS693C60XADUK typically uses 9.6L of water per wash, in comparison to handwashing using an estimated 60 litres per wash!* A huge 85% of water could be saved by using a dishwasher over handwashing.

So, save water, money and time in 2023 with a Hisense dishwasher! Click here to browse both integrated and freestanding styles, and to learn more about being energy efficient with your Hisense appliances, click here.

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