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The BSA66346PDBGUK bags an impressive 4 out of 5 stars from Trusted Reviews!


We were absolutely buzzing when we found out that our BSA66346PDBGUK had gotten itself a fantastic 4 out of 5 rating from Trusted Reviews. After their vigorous testing process of all the BSA66346PDBGUK had to offer, they were happy to award it with its impressive rating. Woo-hoo!

The main pros they commented on were the range of features you get for such a great price. The different modes and settings available on the BSA66346PDBGUK are something we love too, as its perfect for cooking all sorts of food to perfection!

Trusted Reviews also loved the Air Fryer Mode in particular as it adds such versatility. Being able to cook whatever you want, how ever you want is always welcome.

One of the tests done was for the temperature of the BSA66346PDBGUK. Using ceramic beads and thermal imaging it became clear that the BSA66346PDBGUK truly executes even cooking. That’s thanks to the fan that is able to ensure that hot air is circulated equally. This is perfect for making sure that your food is cooked uniformly with no raw or burnt parts.

Trusted Reviews also commented on the sleek design of the BSA66346PDBGUK, stating that the glossy black finish is able to fit in with most kitchen designs. Efficient and nice on the eyes, win win!

The 77L capacity is also ideal for family life and you can rest assured that there will be enough room for any occasion, from birthdays to Christmas dinner. Speaking of Christmas dinner, the Food Probe on the BSA66346PDBGUK was also a nice surprise for Trusted Reviews, allowing them to make sure your meats will be expertly cooked.

When testing the Steam setting, Trusted Review’s baguette was crispy on the crust and soft in the middle. As they said, “you can’t get much better than this” and we’d have to agree with them on that.

So, the BSA66346PDBGUK is the real star of the moment, or should we say 4? Its amazing settings and features will have you cooking like a pro. Try it out for yourself now and check it out on our website today!