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The best oven for this months festivities



The turkey or meat free alternative is the central focus of most peoples Christmas dinner. But let’s not forget about the other stars of the show, the pigs in blankets, the golden roast potatoes and mountain of vegetables ready to fill your plate.

With a 77L capacity the BSA6522BPUK oven takes all the hassle out of cooking your Christmas dinner, with enough room to cook multiple things at once! No longer will you have to make a schedule around cooking the family turkey alone, with plenty of room to cook for the whole family.

With Even Bake Technology there’s no need to worry about burning the Yorkshire pudding this year. Inspired by traditional wood burning ovens, Even Bake allows hot air to move around the oven freely. As your food will be evenly cooked from all sides you can guarantee a crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside Yorkshire pudding to accompany your meal.

If your family is having a non-traditional Christmas dinner then the BSA65222BPUK oven has an Air Frying mode, so no need for another appliance for your chips. Air Frying gives food a crispy on the outside food without the added fat of cooking with oil. A healthier alternative to fast food and perfect if you are in a hurry and want to quickly cook pre-prepared frozen foods.

After all the cooking has been done the BSA65222BPUK takes all the stress out of cleaning the oven on boxing day with Pyrolytic self-clean. By removing stubborn grease and stains Pyrolytic self-clean heats to 500°C to eliminate grime and persistent dirt. Cleaning the oven is now as easy as selecting the self-clean function and wiping away any debris left with a damp cloth after the function has finished.