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The best Free channels on Rakuten TV – Top picks by Hisense



With the soaring prices of gas, petrol and many other products and services seeing inflation and price increases this year, it’s always reassuring to know that some things will always remain free. Rakuten have released more free watchable content this year available on our Hisense Vidaa compatible TV’s. Ensuring some of the best loved entertainment will remain accessible for the nation.

Hisense have partnered with Rakuten TV to bring you the best entertainment to stream directly through your QLED 4K TV’s this spring.

Rakuten TV, a on demand Video streaming service offer the latest movies and TV series’ for subscription, rental or purchase. At the touch of a button on your Hisense TV you will be taken to a world of drama with shows such as The Blacklist to let your inner detective run wild.

Rakuten TV’s extensive catalogue features collections from Warner Brothers, Disney and Sony Pictures as well as local independent pictures. Viewers can enjoy gripping entertainment including The Fast and Furious 9, Cruella and much more!

Hisense have selected some of our top picks from new releases to TV classics, but there’s more than 100 channels which are free to watch available on Rakuten. So, you are guaranteed countless hours’ worth of entertainment from the luxury of your sofa.

BBC Drama:

BBC Drama is home to some of the nations most loved Drama programmes, from the critically acclaimed Killing Eve to new releases such as The Tourist. BBC Drama is the best free channel to catch edge of your seat entertainment, creating new binge-worthy watches perfect for those quiet nights in front of the TV.

BBC Food:

Got a sweet tooth? Or do you just love watching the nations favourite chefs creating culinary masterpieces before your very eyes. Watch the likes of MasterChef and Rick Stein all in one place with BBC Food, the channel for novice cooks and pro bakers alike. BBC Food can inspire new weekly favourites or help to create a dinner party which will be remembered for years to come at just the touch of a button.

The LEGO Channel:

LEGO have recently launched their very own channel featuring popular series’ such as LEGO Ninjago, Lego friends and they are even showing special content from LEGO Jurassic World and LEGO Marvel. These series’ will entertain younger audiences by bringing the LEGO world to life on their screen showing their favourite toys and characters animated in easy to digest content. For older LEGO enthusiasts the channel is also showing LEGO Designers Set Reviews which will give LEGO fans and builders alike tips on how to build their creations like a true pro.

Rakuten VIKI:

With the popularity of both K & J dramas over the past few years, shows such as Squid Game and Terrace House have seen increasing viewership with many audiences becoming captivated by submerging plot lines and a alternative take on reality TV. Rakuten VIKI offers Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Japanese dramas, Kpop & Kdrama. With the vast selection available on Rakuten VIKI, Kdrama enthusiasts will have plenty of choice when looking for there next binge worthy show.

For more information on what’s available on Rakuten please visit Rakuten TV.