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Take the best Christmas (or any other) movie to the next level



Nothing beats curling up on the couch with a good Christmas movie, right? Wrong! Watching it on the Hisense Laser TV  is even better! Our Laser TV is the most sophisticated TV you can choose for your home cinema experience at this moment. It also presents the future of TV solutions that you can enjoy today. Hisense is the pioneer of this very different TV approach that opens completely new horizons. Laser TV is a super advanced alternative to a large flat-panel TV, and it offers refined picture, smart features, and low maintenance.

A new expanse of colours and lighting

Hisense 100L9 TriChroma Laser TV distributes light and colours evenly over the screen. That creates smooth images, but with all little details visible. That way even the biggest format of a TV screen gives you an ultimate viewing experience. The triple colour laser light can reproduce 107 percent of the BT.2020 colour gamut. That is why the picture is so realistic and colourful and stands out in comparison with all other TV technologies available at this moment.

Impressive 3000 lumens take care for incomparable brightness. 4K UHD picture quality with over 8 million pixels on extra-large ATR (ambient light rejection)-screen delivers sharpness and brightness. Sport fanatics will love Hisense laser TV, since MMCE technology with a microsecond response processor presents fast-moving images much smoother and clearer.


Embraced by the sound and effects

Dolby Atoms sound system and 40W stereo speakers in Hisense 100L9 TriChroma Laser TV  goes few steps ahead of currently known sound systems. It fills the room and moves the sound around you, so you feel like standing in the middle of the movie scene. And the ultimate cinema experience is here with 100-inch super large screen. What more could you desire for a spectacular holiday movie night at home? Because one of the best parts of holidays are moments you can share with your family and friends. Here are some picks for evergreen Christmas movies you can now enjoy on a smart laser TV that brings amazing cinematic experience to your living room.


Movies with charming Christmas spirit

A movie night on holidays usually involves the whole family. So, think about stories that the whole family will enjoy. You can never go wrong with choosing more relaxed, humorous topics, or even musicals and cartoons which are always a good pick. For a perfect kick-off of a holiday season, we suggest Christmas movie marathon!

Here are some movie ideas for this December:

  • - Miracle on 34th Street
  • - Elf
  • - The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • - Disney’s A Christmas Carol
  • - Christmas chronical
  • - Love actually
  • - Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  • - Arthur Christmas
  • - Home alone
  • - The Holiday

Grab a cozy blanket, put your favourite Christmas movies on, and a cup of hot chocolate for a fun night in with your kids or friends to celebrate the holiday season. If you’re hosting a party remember, movies are always better with some snacks. Think popcorn, chocolate fudge brownies, warm cookies, and a glass of milk or mulled wine for a extra festive grown-up treat.