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New eagle helmet for the longest flights


Ljubljana, September 28, 2022 –  Hisense Europe, on behalf of the brand Gorenje, and the Ski Association of Slovenia have signed an agreement continuing their partnership at a gala event. 

Gorenje have been supporting male and female jumpers for over 30 years. Recently, Hisense Europe have been searching for inspiration to find a new look for the helmet that our jumpers will proudly wear in the upcoming 2022/2023 winter season. The helmet reflects the symbol of the entire ski jumping discipline – the eagle. 

The Ski Association of Slovenia presented the helmet to the men and women’s national team A, who were also impressed by the helmet’s new look.

 Blaž Skodlar, from Product Design at Hisense Europe said at the presentation, the image of the helmet was designed with an eagle in mind.

 “Looking at the Slovenian eagles in the air, we see an image of a bird. The skis are mighty eagle wings; the ski jumpsuit, which allows the jumpers to glide beautifully through the air, represents the torso; the glasses naturally represent the big eagle eyes, which are one of his biggest assets. We still have the head – the eagle doesn’t need protection over his head, but our jumpers can’t jump without one.” 

Further, the characteristic colours of the bald eagle were transferred to the helmet. There is a white colour at the front that continues into the image of an eagle feathers in motion. This symbolises the speed that jumpers reach, when they fly – they can go over 130 km/h. The back part of the helmet, representing the eagle’s neck, is turquoise. This is a symbol of Gorenje support.

 “It was a great honour for us to help create a new look for the helmet and I wish all jumpers a very successful season,” added Skodlar.

Marketing Director of Hisense Europe, Alenka Potočnik Anžič, emphasised that Hisense Europe is very proud of its long-term cooperation with the Ski Association of Slovenia.

 “At Hisense Europe, we are very aware of the importance of investing in sports. We believe that by doing that, we contribute to the development of sports and the athletes. With such long-term sponsorship and support, we also contribute to easier and longer jumps and we will stand with our jumpers in good and difficult moments. I thank everyone for making us feel like part of the family. This synchronicity between us and athletes is also visible externally. We believe all your fans are happy to reach for Gorenje’s large and small household appliances precisely because of our good cooperation.”

 Nika Križnar, the big crystal globe winner, Olympic gold medal and medal holder from the World Championships, said: 

“I am delighted with the helmet’s appearance. The colour itself matches nicely with the colours of our loyal sponsor Gorenje. Of course, we must get used to the new look first. I believe that the helmet will take us very far.”

 Her colleague in the men’s A national team, last year’s best ski flyer, Žiga Jelar, complemented Križnar’s words:

 “The helmet has a very nice design, I am impressed with the final product as a whole, and I hope that it will stand with us on the victory stage as many times as possible.”

Gorazd Pogorelčnik, head of the branch of the Ski Association of Slovenia, is happy that the Gorenje inscription, the inscription of a long-time supporter of Nordic sports in Slovenia, will be prominently displayed on the new helmet:

 “The helmet is one of the most important elements of equipment for ski jumpers. Safety comes first, but we also have a collection of beautiful designs and safety. I do not doubt that everything will help our competitors in long flights and achieving top sporting results.”