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Host your own cinema night this Valentine’s Day, with Hisense.



The run up to Valentine’s Day is always stressful, regardless of how you spend it.

Panic booking the local restaurant because you have realised that most of the good places are gone can often steal the beauty of spending the day with loved ones.

Valentine’s day (or galantines) can be made just as magical, at home. Spend less pennies, and more quality time together by creating the perfect movie night in with Hisense.

For the occasion, we would suggest the Hisense E7HQ – a television which is great value for money. This TV brings you a true cinematic experience with QLED technology offering impressive picture quality, and purer colours on the screen. Alongside this, the E7HQ has VIDAA U5 Smart, which enables you to enjoy all your favourite entertainment platforms with ease – ideal for a cosy night in.

We have put together a movie guide for the occasion with several different kind of films. whether you are spending it with your significant other, best friends, or family, you will find a movie that everyone can enjoy this valentine’s day.

Film 1: The Notebook, 2004

The Notebook follows the story of a summer romance between two young individuals whose love is unfortunately snatched away by their socio-economic backgrounds, and pushy parents. The story follows both Allie and Noah’s life, from the first summer they met, to the very end.

Film 2: Me Before you, 2016

A bubbly young girl Lou loses her job in a café and is forced to look elsewhere. She lands herself a job as a carer for Will, who is a quadriplegic due to a tragic motorbike incident. Lou finds herself falling in love, and subsequently makes it her mission to make life worth living for will, despite the mass amounts of challenges he faces.

Film 3: Ghost, 1990

If you are into older films with a touch of thrill, Ghost is for you. The story begins with a young man being murdered. However, his spirit remains on earth with the hope to save his girlfriend’s life from the same person who took his, with the help of a reluctant psychiatrist along the way.

Film 4: Beauty and the beast, 1991

A family favourite, and a WALT Disney classic; The film begins with a handsome, yet arrogant prince being put under a curse, which can only be broken if he finds love before the last petal on the rose falls. If he does not break this, he will stay a beast for eternity. Young Belle finds herself in the beast’s castle when on the hunt to find her father. She finds her father who has been taken prisoner by the beast but is too ill to stay. Belle must trade herself, so he can be set free.

Film 5: Notting Hill, 1999

A Notting Hill bookstore owner is lucky enough to have a beautiful actress enter his shop. He can’t believe his luck until they accidentally meet again in a different circumstance. He clumsily bumps into her again but spills orange juice all over her. He politely allows her to change in his nearby apartment, where they then share a kiss. They continue to get to know each other but meet many obstacles along the way…

Film 6: The terminal, 2004

Due to the collapse of his government, Victor Navorksi’s papers are no longer valid in the airport (JFK) so he is not allowed to enter, nor leave the USA. He finds himself taking temporary residence in the airport, for months, where he befriends an attractive flight attendant, who is too dealing with her own demons.

Film 7: Blue is the warmest colour, 2013

A French teenager finds herself gaining no feelings or satisfaction from dating men, and simply cannot imagine being in love. Adele meets Emma, who allows her to express herself honestly. Emma aids Adele into her journey of self-discovery, emotional maturity, and acceptance.

Film 8: The Bodyguard, 1992

Another romantic thriller film, whereby an ex- secret service bodyguard is hired to ensure the safety of a famous R&B singer, who has been receiving threatening messages from an unknown stalker.

Film 9: 10 Things I hate about you 1999

A romantic, teen movie that is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘The taming of the shrew’. High school student, Cameron has a keen interest in the beautiful Bianca. However, Bianca’s older sister ensures that she cannot date until she is in a relationship. This pushes Cameron to find the older sister kat, a boyfriend.

Film 10: Steel Magnolias, 1989

This film is comedic yet also heart-wrenching. Steel magnolias is about a young, diabetic beautician who moves to Louisiana and successfully lands a job in a local salon, where she is warmly welcomed into a tight-knit group of friends. However, once Shelby falls pregnant, things begin to become much more serious.

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