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Best washing machine for quick washes?



After scoring an impressive 75/100 rating from good housekeeping, the Hisense WFQA1214EVJM has been named the best washing machine for quick washes.

With the WFQA1214EVJM, the Hisense quick wash programme allows 1k loads to be washed in a quick 15 minutes!

The experts concluded that the machine deserved full marks for both water and energy consumption. The article highlights that it uses less than 1p’s worth of electricity per cycle.

With this knowledge you can be confident that this washing machine will help you do your bit to save money and water!

Alongside this, the appliance was complimented for its ‘sturdy and responsive drawers and dials’ and ‘top notch stain remover, especially on cotton, making it another good machine if you’re dealing with a family’s worth of washing’. This is due to our pure steam technology, which ensures 99.9% of bacteria is killed, leaving you with spotless, allergen and wrinkle free clothing.

And don’t worry if you have forgotten to add something into the wash, thankfully this machine has a pause and add feature. So, there is no need to put one wash on after another!

There are several features which will help you keep your washing machine happy and healthy too; the Hisense drum clean allows you to keep your washing machine in its best condition by giving it a 95 degree deep clean.

Thankfully, if things do go wrong, you have access to the self-diagnostic function. This aids in identifying a problem with your machine by providing an error code which can be solved by checking the manual. This means the issue can be addressed quickly, and accurately, saving you time and money in the long run!

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