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Explaining Hisense TV Tech Terms

Explaining Hisense TV Tech Terms - d.webp


Tech jargon doesn’t need to be confusing, and knowing what everything means can help you find the best fit for you when it comes to buying tech like a TV. We’re breaking down some of the tech terms you might encounter a lot on your search for the perfect TV, and with our jam packed TVs like the U7K you’ll hopefully be able to know a bit more about their capabilities!                          

Mini -LED   

Mini-LED technology is one of the latest advancements in the TV space at the moment, and Hisense TVs like the U7K are able to use this innovation to give you the best viewing experience. This tech works by utilizing individual LED lights that are grouped into miniature dimming zones. This allows a much better and precise control of brightness, contrast and colour to take the picture to the next level. Whatever you watch, with Mini-LED technology everything will be brought to life with vivid quality.  

HI-View Engine  

When it comes to processors it’s all about getting maximum power. You can think of the processor like the brains of a TV since it ensures everything runs perfectly. The Hisense HI-View Engine is a pretty unique processor as it uses the latest AI capabilities to optimise both images and audio in real time, frame by frame. It is able to fine tune resolution, brightness, contrast, motion, depth and of course detail! If you want the very best from your TV, then having an intelligent processor like the HI-View Engine is a must have.  

Quantum Dot  

For intense and rich colour on your TV, Quantum Dot is the answer. Working with our Mini-LED tech, Quantum Dot is able to produce and display over a billion different shades. Dull and lifeless displays will be a thing of the past, and you can enjoy all your favourite films and shows in stunning lifelike detail.  

Total HDR Solution  

Another great feature that is able to enhance things like brightness and colour is our range of HDR technology. HDR stands for High-Dynamic-Range and allows you to achieve breathtaking pictures by maximising the display settings. Plus, with Dolby Vision IQ, which adjusts the display based on the lighting conditions in the room you’re in, you can ensure you get nothing but the best wherever you are.  

Vidaa Smart TV 

Vidaa Smart TV is our fantastic operating system that allows you to keep all your content in one easy place. From international to local entertainment, you can customise your homepage to suit all your viewing needs. This service will be your one stop shop for finding the perfect thing to watch, and thanks to the super simple and user-friendly interface it’s never been easier to get stuck in!  


When it comes to linking your TV to your sound bar, Ezplay makes it a total breeze. The Ezplay remote allows you to bring your sound bars controls onto the TV, and you’ll also be able to make any adjustments to ensure settings like the bass are perfectly matched.  

Direct Full Array  

Finally, Direct Full Array is the Hisense technology that allows you to achieve rich blacks and brights colours on your TV. Consistency is key, and with this phenomenal technology available on our TVs you’ll be sure to get top quality no matter what you’re watching! 

To learn more about all the other features and what they mean you can head over to the TV hub on our website!