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Setting Up Your Laser TV is a Breeze: Learn more about the optimal placement and installation options for your Hisense Laser TV

Setting up your laser TV is a breeze image.webp

Laser TVs are the new way to watch all your favourite content like you’re at the cinema. Using light to cast the picture onto a thin screen or your wall, all it takes is a quick click and you’ll be transported away. Yet, a common concern many people have before investing in a cutting-edge Laser TV, is that they must have the perfect place to position it in their home. Typically, Laser TVs do require certain conditions, such as ensuring that there is enough distance between them and the wall being projected onto, however, the Hisense Laser TV series is here to completely smash those queries out the window! Check out the Laser TV Hub to see the different types that are available, and which one works best for your space.  


Forget tedious set ups and complicated installations, Hisense Laser TVs are quick and simple. With the option of a lightweight screen and the ultra-short throw console, any qualms will be a thing of the past. Gone are the days where you gave to devote large areas of space for a projector to go, since the innovative tech of the Laser TV means that it can project onto the screen or wall from just 20.8cm away from the wall. Experience the amazing versatility of Hisense Laser TVs, with creative tech solutions specifically designed to maximise your viewing experience. When it comes to optimal placement, the excellence of the Hisense Laser TV range puts the control into your hands. Enjoy your favourite films and shows wherever in any room.   

Professional Hassle-free installation  

Installation after you buy your Hisense Laser TV is also super quick and simple! With all Laser TV purchases, we offer a professional installation option. All you have to do is choose the installation add-on option when you purchase or, if you already have your Laser TV, click here to get it installed by professionals in no time.  


Installing your new Laser TV yourself is also a breeze. You can use the step-by-step guid that Hisense have created to get watching in a flash. Just click here to find the right video for your Laser TV. The video is very easy to follow with its overhead angle, showing you exactly what to do with what and in what order!  

When it comes to the quality of the Hisense Laser TV range, its all about making your life easy. To learn more about what a Laser TV can bring to your life, click here and explore all the information and tips on the Laser TV hub!