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Which hob is right for you?



There are many factors that contribute when looking into purchasing a new hob; whether that be the style, features, or it’s efficiency. This blog will distinguish the difference between ceramic, gas and induction, and what features make these hobs contenders for your kitchen.

Ceramic hob:

Ceramic hobs pass a current through coiled elements below the glass surface, which then heats the top of the hob. These hobs are easy to use whilst offering a stylish, modern aesthetic to the home. There are plenty of shortcuts with our ceramic hobs that make cooking a breeze. We offer features such as stop and go, which allows you to quickly pause your cooking if necessary and pick up where you left off. Recall assist also allows you to effortlessly reactivate the last settings used in the press of a button. Alongside this, there is a child lock, which prevents your children from interfering with the cooking, or harming themselves.

Soft melt allows you to melt like a pro – by keeping the temperature at 42 degrees, it allows you to master melting difficult ingredients. Making a traditional hot chocolate to warm you up this winter has never been easier.

Gas hob:

A gas hob works by gas flowing through a pipe to the jet, which sits under the burner – it is a traditional design that provides a cosy aesthetic to your kitchen.

Hisense gas hob burners are designed to be easy to control and easy to clean. Safety features such as Gas stop ensure that if a flame is extinguished whilst cooking, the supply will be stopped. Hisense also offer a tempered glass finish, which is stylish, durable, and offers less visibility for wear and tear.

Induction hob:

An induction hob works through a copper wire underneath the surface of the hob which has an alternating current travelling through, straight to the pan which creates a magnetic field between them for the heat.

Hisense induction hobs also have a child lock, recall assist and soft melt, mirroring the function and style of a ceramic hob – the difference is the magnetic field.

Although you must have specific, magnetic pans for this type of hob, these are the most energy efficient type of hob, there is no heat wasted as it is directed straight to the pan. In this current climate, this is an essential feature to recognise.

Cleaning around an induction hob proves much easier in comparison to others; due to the heat focusing only on induction specific pans, spilled foods will not burn, and can be cleaned up straight away without having to worry about the heat.

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