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Unpack your new flat screen TV like a pro



Prevent the most common tv disasters by following a few simple tips.

You found the perfect TV. Like the 65” Hisense ULED U7H TV. or even 75” Mini-LED ULED U8H TV. It has a flat LED panel with stunning 4K display, Dolby Vision, and more. It matches everything you need and more. There is just one simple task left – bring the TV set home and start enjoying the perfect viewing experience it offers.

What can go wrong, right? Well, according to our customer support team, quite a few things. Many people don’t realize that flat screen TVs are delicate appliances that need to be treated with special care when transported and unpacked at home. The technology that allows you to watch your favourite content in bright colours and amazing sharpness, are all designed to fit into super thin devices, and can be very fragile if not treated properly.

But don’t be afraid. If you follow the instructions that come with your device and add these simple tips, your new TV will be super safe and ready in no time.

Never lay your TV flat, even during transportation

There is a reason why flat screen TVs are packed in an upright box. It is because you should not lay them flat. Never, especially for longer periods of time, like during transport. Flat screen TVs are designed, with their weight balanced to stand up. If you lay your new device down, the weight will not be distributed evenly anymore. In consequence, gravity can pull the edges down or even crack the screen. Combine this fact with the vibrations of a moving car and you have a recipe for disaster.

So, when you carry your brand-new Hisense TV set from the store, make sure to place the box in the car in an upright position. Place the box on the back seat of the car and cushion around so it stays in place. You can use pillows, blankets, or other boxes. Just make sure it won’t move or drop during the ride. Is your new Hisense TV too big to stay upright in your car? Order it online and let the delivery guys take care of it.

Ask your friends for help

Especially with bigger sized TVs, like your new 65” Hisense, you will be tempted to grab them anyway you can, just to unpack them. Don’t. The flat screen of your TV is so fragile it can crack or be damaged when you push on it with your fingers or apply pressure. So, it is extremely important that you hold the TV just by the edges.

Ask a friend to come over and help you unpack and mount your TV. Two sets of hands will make it easier to follow the instructions and handle the TV properly. You can always turn the unpacking into a “premiere watching” on your big new screen TV. Invite your friend over for a movie night or a football game.

Make sure to support the weight

Are you planning to mount your TV on a wall? Be very careful when choosing the appropriate wall that will support the measurements and weight of your new flat screen TV.

And even more importantly, choose the right wall. It may sound silly, but some walls at your home might not be suitable to bear the weight of the TV. With the wrong wall you will end up with a hole in the wall and a broken TV.

There is a quick test. If you knock on the wall and sounds hollow, you should get a professional to assess if the wall is sturdy enough for your TV, as it is probably made of plaster or wood. While if there is no echo and the knock sounds solid, you are fine, as the wall is sturdier and probably made of concrete or brick.

Additional tip: save the TV cardboard box

If you have the space, save the box your new TV came in. It will come in handy if you have to move the TV or put it aside for some time, for example while re-painting the house. The box is tailor made for your TV, so it offers the best padding and support for your fragile device.

Don’t have the box anymore? Use plenty of bubble wrap and additional blankets to keep your flat screen TV safe.