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Step up your game this Easter with some eggciting homemade recipes!



To set you up for the best Easter Sunday, Hisense have put together a full menu, including Breakfast Lunch, Dinner, and Desert, so you can enjoy making and eating delicious food alongside family and friends, and have a wholesome Easter Sunday! 



Start off your Easter Sunday with the classic, Hot Crossed Buns.  



250ml milk 

50g of butter 

2sbsp cocoa powder 

600g white flour 

85g of caster sugar 

7g dried yeast 

1 large egg 

Oil for the baking tray 

Fillings of your choice – chocolate chunks, white chocolate chunks, etc. 



Warm milk in a saucepan on the hob. Remove from heat and add butter in with the milk. Once the butter has melted slightly and the milk has cooled, add in your cocoa. Ensure you leave this to cool. 

Mix 500g of flour, sugar, and yeast into a bowl. Add the warm milk mixture into the bowl, alongside the egg. Mix until a springy dough has formed. 

Add in your choice of filling, whether that be dried fruit or chocolate. 

Cover with a tea towel and leave somewhere Lukewarm, until the dough has doubled in size. This should take about an hour. 

Divide your dough into six pieces and shape the buns how you would like. For the typical hot cross bun shape, keep taking corners of the dough and fold it into the middle, this should create a bun like shape. 

Oil your tray and put buns onto it, leaving enough space for them to rise in the oven. 

Use the remaining flour; mix this with 80ml of water to create a thick paste, use a piping bag and create the ‘cross’ part of the bun. 

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. This should only take 5 minutes with the Hisense pre heat.  

The even bake function will ensure that the heat of the oven is distributed evenly, and in turn baking your hot cross buns, perfectly. 

Top your hot crossed buns with jam, Nutella or even butter! And enjoy alongside a tea, coffee, or hot chocolate for comfort. 


Lunch/Dinner: Lamb roast 

The ultimate roast on Easter Sunday is necessary, a lamb roast. 



2 kg of lamb (leg meat) 

Bulb of garlic 

Olive oil 

2 large onions 

Mint sauce to serve.  






Preheat oven to 200 degrees, and place into the oven a tray, with vegetable oil in the bottom. 

Take off your potato skin and chop into smaller, roast sized potatoes, and par-boil until they fall off the knife. 

Fluff up well by draining and shaking the potatoes, then put onto the tray with warm vegetable oil.  

Keep an eye on these whilst cooking everything else. 

For your lamb, make small incisions into the meat, and insert slices of garlic in these. 

Generously season with salt, pepper and olive oil. 

Put into a roasting tin,  alongside chunks of onion and carrots. 

After this has roasted for 20 minutes, reduce the heat to 190, and cook for another 20 minutes. Flip your roast potatoes too. 

Now, put your broccoli on the hob to boil. 

After the 20 minutes, take out the lamb and cover in tin foil for another 15, whilst you plate up your broccoli, roast potatoes and carrots. Utilise the juice from the lamb and onions to make a gravy for the lamb. 

Serve with gravy and mint sauce, for the best flavour. 



Desert: Easter Egg cheesecakes 

No doubt you have a collection of Easter eggs ready to eat, but why not spice them up a little bit more and make them even more enjoyable by creating an Oreo cheesecake recipe, to go inside the egg. 



85g of crushed Oreo  

15g of butter  

200g of cream cheese  

35g caster sugar 

100ml double cream  

10g milk chocolate  

Handful of Oreos. 



Start by separating your Oreos and putting the cream to the side. Then, begin crushing your Oreos into small crumbs. Then, melt some butter on the hob using the melt function. After this, stir in the Oreo crumbs with the butter after taking it off the heat.  

Break an Easter egg of your choice in half and fill each half with the Oreo and butter mixture. Pack down with a fork and ensure the top Is straight. 

Put these into the fridge – if you are lacking space, simply turn my fresh choice onto 5 degrees and utilise this space. 

Mix the soft cheese, Oreo cream, and sugar in a bowl.  

Beat the double cream until it turns to whipped cream. Fold this into the soft cheese mixture and place on top of your bed of Oreos. Add any small Oreos/ pieces of chocolate for décor and leave to chill in the refrigerator for another two hours! 


Then enjoy.