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A Comprehensive Guide to Oven Technologies by Hisense.



We’re here to demystify the world of oven technology and help you navigate through the complex world of technical language with ease! At Hisense, we understand that the world of appliances can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help our customers jargon bust so you can buy your perfect oven!


Ovens and their technologies have probably changed a lot since the last time you were shopping for one; there are many new styles and features that you can choose from which can benefit you in a handful of ways.

Whether you wish to explore the world of frozen culinary delights or prefer to create your own scrumptious creations, host parties or enjoy sitting back and letting the oven do its job, we have an oven for every single occasion.

This guide will help you identify what kinds of features you desire, and then ultimately decide which Hisense oven is best for your circumstances.


Built in or freestanding?

Built in ovens:

Built in ovens provide a sleek and stylish look to your kitchen. This integrated design means that it fits perfectly into your kitchen layout and can enhance the overall design aesthetic in your kitchen, maximising the efficient use of space while creating a polished and sophisticated look.


Freestanding ovens:

Freestanding ovens are ideal for homeowners who would like their oven to be centre of attention. With design versatility, you can choose a style that perfectly aligns with your kitchen décor. This design means that you no longer have to compromise on cupboard space, nor oven space. You can entertain much larger parties this way, and replace with ease, without having to fit into an already integrated kitchen unit.


Oven technologies:

Interior lighting:

With this, you can easily check the progression of your meal with the interior illuminations, this is particularly useful when you’re baking delicate items that require precise timing, without opening the door you can determine the colour and texture of your creation. The light is also useful when cleaning your oven.


Even bake technology:

Even bake technology in Hisense ovens ensures consistent heat distribution throughout the oven cavity, this means that your food receives uniform heat from all sides. Ideal for bakers, this helps bakes goods rise uniformly.


Inspired by traditional wood-burning ovens, even bake technology enables hot air to move around freely, ensuring crispy results on the outside, while retaining moisture on the inside, perfect for the likes of chicken breasts.


Pizza mode:

Say goodbye to burnt crust! Pizza mode provides restaurant level results, whilst being in the comfort of your own home, and in no time. The temperature of 300 degrees allows for quick cooking which results in crispy and evenly cooked crust!


Frozen food mode:

Love exploring frozen culinary delights? Improve the quality of your frozen favourites by utilising this function. It ensures that everything is cooked properly from frozen and delivers crispy results!


Auto programmes:

Whether you fancy an easy night in, prefer entertaining guests or have a reputation for serving burnt food, this feature is for you! By selecting the dish type and weight, the programme will ensure your dish is cooked to perfection, without needing to worry in the meantime.


Big volume:

If you are cooking for a crowd, its best to invest in a large capacity oven. We offer 77 litre capacity, which results in delivering food to your guests in no time.


Save time and money by using the large capacity to your advantage; meal prep on your Sunday to save time throughout the week; that way, you are using less energy through the week, loosing less time on cooking, and less likely to waste any food in the fridge!


Cool door:

Cool to touch exterior doors help shield against burns, this protecting younger children and pets who may be drawn to the appliance.


Dynamic cooling system:

Constant high temperatures could damage the oven housing. With dynamic cooling, sensitive sensors detect when the exterior walls get too hot, adjusting the heat until they reach a temperature of 60°C.



Enjoy a crispy, cheesy topped pasta bake or lasagne? If yes, the Gratin Function is for you! Place under the low-level grill for direct heat, resulting in bubbling hot, golden deliciousness.  


Multiphase cooking:

For those attention to detail recipes that require different heats at different times, you can programme a series of three different functions within your oven! Utilise this function to reduce amount of time spent altering your oven. Sit back and relax whilst your oven does all the work for you!


Steam bake:

If you are a baker (and if you are not) this function will help circulate hot air around the oven’s interior, providing impressive results.


Removable door:

Ensures cleaning is made much simpler. So, you can reach awkward areas with ease.


Soft close:

Engineered for a smooth and silent close, whilst additionally preventing little fingers from getting trapped, giving you peace of mind.


Steam adds:

Simply add water to the bottom tray and hot air will circulate around the ovens interior, resulting in perfectly risen, homemade bread.


Air fry mode:

Use the air fry mode when cooking your fried foods such as French fries and chicken wings. Using little oil, enjoy guilt-free meals without having to buy an additional kitchen appliance.


Chef pro:

Need that additional help in the kitchen? Showcasing ChefPro’s Auto Mode. ChefPro Mode aims to replicate the cooking techniques used by professional chefs. It offers an array of specialized cooking modes and functions that allow users to achieve restaurant-quality results in their own kitchens.


Telescopic guides:

The telescopic guides fully extend out. A fantastic safety feature giving you that extra space and support you need when removing heavy casserole dishes.


Safe door sensor:

Every time the oven door opens, the sensor deactivates the fan, allowing you to safely check on your food without getting a wave of heat in your direction.


Touch LED:

Simply navigate with a touch of a button. The bright LED touch screen ensures you can easily navigate different programmes, set timers, and additionally activate the child lock, preventing curious hands from changing any settings.


Double oven:

Two individual cooking compartments offering a generous amount of room for all your needs! Perfect for when you have the family around or hosting a dinner party. Don’t worry about running out of space, as you can cook the starters in the top compartment and mains in the bottom compartment, ensuring your guests aren’t waiting long between courses.


LED Timer:

With the LED timer feature on a Hisense oven, you can keep track of your cooking progress which becomes a breeze. This clear and visible display allows you to monitor remaining cooking time at a glance.


We have a more in depth blog discussing oven-cleaning technologies, so click here to find one that suits you the most!