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All the Action and Atmosphere with AI Sports Mode: A Fantastic Feature Available on Selected Hisense TV’S


Take your TV from a spectator to the ultimate sports companion, with AI Sports Mode. When the intensity of the game reaches its peak, your TV should be right there with you, keeping up with every thrilling moment. Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to exhilarating picture and sound quality. Able to automatically enable itself when it detects a sports signal, AI Sports Mode is a total game-changer. Available on selected Hisense TV’s from the U6K and upwards, you won’t miss a beat thanks to seamless picture quality adjustments and sound enhancements that transport you to the front row of the stadium. From jaw-dropping tackles to match-winning goals, get ready to feel the rush all from the comfort of your living room. Be a part of the action like never before!   

How does it work and what are the benefits?  

Automatic adjustments are made to multiple areas of the display and sound to ensure that the action is shown in the most thrilling way possible.    

Firstly, the brightness is altered so that none of the action is overexposed or hidden behind darkness. This is especially useful when games are going in and out of sunlight, making players hard to follow.  

Contrast is another key aspect to control when optimising your viewing experience. With contrast adjustments, all the on-screen action is defined and doesn’t become one big blur.  

With AI Sports Mode, you’ll get vivid colours that make you feel part of every pass. From lush green grass to vibrant kits and the odd red card, all colours will have the same intensity as the big game.  

Most games are fast paced and change within a heartbeat, so when the display is dull and blurry it completely takes you out of the moment. With sharpness adjustments, AI Sports Mode aims to alleviate this as much as possible. Now you can enjoy crisp pictures that pull you further into the game rather than distracting you. 

Sound is also a huge factor in bringing the atmosphere into your living room. With AI Sports Mode, the surround sound is enhanced to deliver full and lifelike crowd audio to you. However, it doesn’t compromise the sound of the commentator, who remains clear and focussed.  

From football to motorsports, with the 144Hz native refresh rate panel, MEMC (motion estimation and motion composition) and Sports Mode, you can enjoy ultra smooth motion images. Able to pick up the smallest details, with AI Sports Mode on, your Hisense TV also removes unwanted background noise using an innovative dynamic algorithm tailored for moving objects. 

To learn more about how to bring stadium level enjoyment to your home, check out the Hisense TV hub. Browse any of the fantastic TVs from the U6K upwards that offer Sports mode, as well as other amazing settings such as Movie and Music Mode!