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Not Just an Oven. It’s your home fortress.



Microwave ovens will enrich your kitchen with new ways of contemporary living and surprise even the most experienced home chefs. Cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials enable combined operation of microwaves, convection, and grill and thus allow you to bring out the most desirable flavours and aromas from each dish.

Now, you can spice up your daily nutrition with countless options of fast and efficient food preparation, employing the pre-set cooking and roasting programs. Hisense microwaves with a modern appearance will immediately blend in with your kitchen and their new advantageous benefits will make your life better.


Did you know there are at least 3 types of microwave users?


Light users enjoys microwave primarily for melting and reheating or perhaps making popcorn. You won’t need lots of fancy features, so choose any from our range.

Fancy users enjoys experimenting with products and recipes. They will use microwaves to prepare entire meals – even spaghetti or meatloaf. Premium microwaves are here if you are looking for the latest innovations and more variable features.

Family users are using the microwave together with young children or older people. Bigger volume, simplicity, ease of use, ease of cleaning and safety features are a must.


How to buy a microwave?

You can either choose a more basic model or a more advanced model, depending on the intended usage. We listed some pros for each of the model, so you can find out what suits you best.


Hisense Basic Range

They are always easy, and comfortable to use.

Tailor your cooking experience by choosing the right power level. High power is great if you want to heat up something as quickly as possible if you are boiling water or cooking non-creamy soups. Medium settings allow you to steam or fry foods, while low settings are suitable for cooking creamy soups and can also act as dehydrator.

The fastest use of microwave is just to set the operating time. The timer is clearly displayed and indicates the time remaining until the end of the cooking process. You can easily do something else, knowing your food will be ready when you are ready.

You can choose between grill only or three combinations of combined cooking with microwaves and grill. Choose grill only for golden crust dishes or combinations which allow you to roast meat, bake pizza, make soufflés, or cook lasagna much faster.

To keep the food in perfect condition after defrosting, it is important to thaw it quickly and efficiently. With defrost function the heat reaches the food evenly and simultaneously, with no need to manually lower the power. A microwave oven defrosts by using intervals of low heat.

360˚ rotating plate with constant rotation enables the microwaves to heat the food you are preparing efficiently and evenly. Turntable is also key to optimal defrosting.


Hisense Premium Range

Several models come with (auto)menus featuring pre-set recipes that guarantee perfect results every time. You select the type of food you want to prepare, enter its weight, and the oven automatically chooses the ideal programme and time.

If you have your favourite recipe and can store it to the appliance (memory function), this will easy your cooking procedure immensely. Maybe saving one recipe for three family members can be even more helpful!

With the help of the Quick Start function cooking will start immediately at 100% microwave power for 30 seconds. You can always add additional 30 seconds each time you use this function.

Clearly laid out touch control panel ensure that delicious results are on the tips of your fingerprints.

A smart LED display always shows you where you are in the cooking process.

You can cook in two stages by manually programming steps of the cooking process. For example, in step 1 you may opt for more microwaves than grill, in step 2 choose just grilling to achieve a final crust. When you activate the Multiphase cooking mode, the microwave oven automatically follows the steps, so you don´t have to do it manually.

A big plus when buying a microwave, it’s how easy and quick you can clean it. Hisense microwaves use the unique automatic cleaning function Steam Clean. The moisture will soften the dirt on the oven cavity walls and all that is left for the user is to simply wipe it off with a soft cloth.