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Hisense partner with Ecoegg to create sustainable laundry changes



Sustainable living is something that we’re all becoming more and more conscious of as many businesses strive to become greener.


Hisense have once again partnered with our friends at Ecoegg to bring you sustainable changes when taking care of your clothes. Hisense and Ecoegg have prepared some helpful guidelines to help you make easy changes to your laundry routine to keep your clothes clean and fresh for the fast-approaching summer.


Wash accordingly

Take notice of your washing needs, did you know that jeans should not be washed after every wear? Jeans should typically be worn at least 3 times before being washed, remember to turn denim inside-out and wash on a low temperature to ensure colours stay bold and don’t run.  This will keep your favorite pair of jeans looking great and reduce the wear and tear which over-washing creates. If a minor stains occur after the first wear you can use stain remover or the steam function on the Hisense WFGE10141VM to easily clean the affected area. Washing jeans after 3 wears reduces the water consumption in your laundry routine, making this eco option better for the environment and your clothes… It’s a win win.


Avoid harmful chemicals

It goes without saying that using detergent to clean your clothes is indispensable. But choose wisely, as some detergents available have harsh chemicals which are not good for the planet or for sensitive skin. Ecoegg are dermatologically tested and produce an all-natural cleaning formula, combining very low levels of naturally blended fragrance oils to reduce the risk of irritation on skin. With the Auto Wash feature on the Hisense WFGE10141VM, your washing machine chooses the best setting at the touch of a button assessing the amount of detergent used and volume of washing in the drum, and if you forget something mid-wash, the Pause and Add feature ensures that your sock won’t be without its pair again. We’re all guilty of losing a sock or two on laundry day!


No Ironing needed

With the steam feature included with all Hisense washing machines, this means you will be able to save time and energy. Using the steam function at the end of a wash cycle will ensure a deep clean and leaves your clothes feeling soft, without the need of laborious ironing after. The Hisense steam feature is not only useful for everyday creases, it also eliminates 99.9% of allergens on clothes -an essential feature for hay fever sufferers.


Use less energy

One of the biggest sustainable changes you can make to your laundry routine is investing in a longer lasting washing machine that uses less energy. The Hisense WFGE10141VM has Inverter Technology built in, allowing your washing machine’s motor to rotate at optimum speed for each wash load. With 16 special programmes designed for a variety of washes, there is no need to fear for cashmere or linen items being damaged mid wash either. Inverter Technology allows for lower vibration levels, meaning a quieter wash each time and a more reliable washing machine that uses less energy than conventional washing machines.



Find out more about the Hisense WFGE10141VM washing machine and it’s amazing eco-friendly features!