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Hisense explains Quantum Dot



Hisense new and exciting 2020 ULED 4K TV range offers Quantum Dot Colour Technology, delivering over a billion stunning shades of vivid colour and image precision!

Hisense ULED TVs offer the ultimate 4K experience bringing together the best Colour, Contrast, Motion and Detail technology.

ULED is the latest advancement in TV and Hisense latest ULED series makes use of Quantum Dot and a Wide Colour Gamut to produce a stunningly realistic picture quality, which is ‘almost’ as good as the real thing.


So, what are quantum dots and what do they mean to you?

Quantum dots are tiny crystals otherwise known as Nanocrystals. When light is shone on to them, they give off a precise colour depending on their size, which can range from 2 to 10 nanometers.

This means, larger dots appear more red whilst smaller dots emit blue light.


Now, let’s look at how Quantum Dot Colour is different to standard LCD TVs.

Traditional LCD TVs use a blue LED backlight which is coated with a layer of yellow phosphorus to create white light. This white light then passes through an RGB filter to create the picture. The issue with this is that the white light created is not pure and light can be lost during the filtering process, reducing brightness levels.

Quantum Dot Colour Technology removes the need for this yellow phosphorus coating and instead adds a layer of Quantum Dots, which we now know are also known as Nanocrystals.

These Nanocrystals emit light and colour based on their precise size, when light is shone on to them. This allows for cleaner, purer light passing through the RGB filter more efficiently, with less wasted light, meaning colours are more vibrant, whites are purer, and images are brighter.

Quantum Dot Colour Technology accurately displays the three primary colours – especially red and green, this means red can be seen as truly RED!

For the viewer, colours are not only more vivid and saturated but also cover a wider spectrum range – over a billion colours in fact. With more subtle shades, hues and tones on offer, Hisense ULED TV with Quantum Dot lets you get closer to reality with colours that are true-to-life. – making Hisense ULED 4K TVs with Quantum Dot a perfect choice for a premium yet affordable viewing experience.


Discover Hisense 2020 ULED 4K TV range

Bring a truly cinematic experience to your home with the Hisense U8Q and U7Q4K ULED range – featuring fantastic HDR10+ and Dolby Vision™ support, plus immersive sound by Dolby Atmos®, which allows you to be transported into the latest trending Netflix drama and fully submerge into the story.

Let’s take a look at some of the other key features of the Hisense ULED range.



Have you ever been watching something on TV and struggled to make out the full picture? Local Dimming means you get bright whites and dark blacks at the same time.

Take any scene from Game of Thrones final season for example. On a conventional edge-lit LED TV, you will sacrifice the bright scene for the dark background. The black areas within the screen are more grey than black. However, with Local Dimming, you can get richer and more intense blacks and astonishing highlights too!



New for 2020, Hisense’s ULED series incorporates Quantum Dot Colour technology – offering over a billion true-life colours for greater realism. Achieving a colour volume of up to 100% under the DCI-P3 standard, gradients appear smoother whilst reds, blues and greens appear more vivid and realistic.



Experience remarkably clear and fluent moving objects with up to 120Hz refresh rates. Using Ultra Smooth Motion Technology, Hisense ULED TVs create and input frames into a video to make for a much smoother transition between pictures. This will reduce blur and judder – delivering a truly immersive picture and making sure you don’t miss out on any of the action.



With peak brightness of up to 1000-nit, the display can create dazzling images with exceptional HDR effect. Witness fantastic crisp detail and brightness levels that are simply effortless, even in a perfectly bright room.



Hisense brilliant Hi-View Engine optimises the picture scene-by-scene and the overall picture quality can be improved by 34% compared to standard LCD TVs.

The engine individually breaks down, analyses, and adjusts each scene for its unique characteristics, which means Hisense guarantee the best possibly image and the clearest motion whatever you are watching.

Hisense 2020 ULED Quantum Dot TV series means you can enjoy an even more expansive and wider colour gamut with deeper black levels than ever before, and not to mention more enhanced viewing angles compared to conventional LCD TVs.

Final details are subject to the exact product specifications. Learn more about Hisense ULED 4K TV Range.