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Get it all with the HAS949BSC: The new wave in vented induction hobs

get it all with the HAS949BSC image.webp

Introducing Hisense’s first vented hob, the HAS949BSC 83cm Vented Induction Hob is built better, with an expertly crafted and creative design to enable maximum efficiency when cooking. Go beyond the ordinary and level up your hob with amazing tech features that enhance the cooking experience by offering total ease. Its sleek, modern and smooth surface is guaranteed to fit in with a range of kitchen styles, whilst also making the HAS949BSC a dream to clean.  

The seamless Built-In Downdraft Cooker Hood is also what sets this hob apart in the best way. This elegant design feature means that you get all the functionality of an extractor whilst being able to maintain that aesthetic image in your kitchen. Hisense includes the filter kit when you purchase the hob, which removes the need to purchase any separate accessories. You can enjoy easy and simple set up with no extra hassle. With its creative extraction design, the hob offers two installation options, including extraction, which efficiently draws up steam, trap vapours with its filter, and remove odours using ventilation. With recirculation, the filter absorbs steam, removes the odours and then recirculates the clean air back into your kitchen. This cooker hood does it all and will be your favourite feature when cooking those more scented foods.  

Its 4 zone induction hobs come with AreaFlex, which gives you the flexibility to combine two zones. This is the perfect feature for when you want to cook for big groups and need extra power, or if you are aiming to meal prep this new year, it’s great for when you’re batch cooking too and using larger pots! This hob really allows you to be creative in how you use it and works with you to do what you need.  

The HAS949BSC also comes with handy programmes for the more niche cooking needs you may have. Melting chocolate can sometimes be a messy and tricky process to master, however with tech settings like Soft Melt you don’t need to carry the burden of burning the chocolate on your shoulders anymore.  

Cleaning is also a complete ease with the HAS949BSC, since the smooth and flush finish of the induction hob means that any spills can simply be wiped away, with little to no fuss.  

Auto Start is another great feature as it allows the hob to automatically switch on and prevent smoke, steam and odours from cropping up, which is a major issue when trying to pre-heat pans. Being able to cook flexibly is so important these days, and with this type of tech you can cook your way!  

Need boiling water ready in a flash, with Rapid Boil you get a boost of heat that is perfect for when you’re craving your favourite pasta or a steak. Plus, when it has been activated for 5 minutes, it will return back to a low simmer to avoid over cooking or water boiling over. Pretty clever stuff eh?  

The ease of the HAS949BSC doesn’t end there, with Intuitive Touch Control you’ll have full control of every cooking zone. Giving you the control, you can multi-task and manage areas as you need. This same control is also echoed in the Pause/Recall Function, which allows you to stop cooking mid-way through using the hob by reducing the power for 10 minutes, maybe if you need to prep some ingredients, and then effortlessly pick up where you left off. 

Learn more about the excellence of the HAS949BSC by heading over to our website today.