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Eco-Friendly Laundry Hacks: Tips for Sustainable Washing


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Looking after our planet has never been so important, and here at Hisense we are always trying to build in the best cutting-edge technology into our products and be kind to the planet. We also wanted to share some clever tips and tricks for you to try to do your part in looking after the environment! Don’t worry, all our favourite tricks are super quick and simple to add to your daily routine and will become second nature in no time!  

Use Eco-friendly detergent  

Many detergents have harsh chemicals which can have disastrous impacts on the environment as well as on you. These strong chemical detergents irritate skin as well as break down the fibres on your clothes and fabrics, causing you to go through them at a quicker rate.  When looking for a good eco-friendly option for your next detergent, plant-based, biodegradable products that are free from phosphates are the ones to go with.                     

Use the right amount of detergent    

With Hisense washing machines you’ll be able to ensure you’re being environmentally sustainable since they come with Auto-Dose tech! This feature not only improves the quality of your daily life by saving you all the hassle of measuring the detergent every time you put on a load, but it's also amazing for the planet. By automatically calculating the right of detergent to put in, your clothes will be lovely and clean instead of stripped bobbly. The WF5S1245BW is a great option with this top tier tech, plus it’s A Class Energy Rating it’s every eco-warrior’s washer of choice!   

Cold water washing  

One of our favourite tips is to use the cold wash setting on your washing machine, since most energy consumption comes from heating up the hot water. Doing this every few loads when it’s appropriate for the clothes in the load is such a simple way to be kinder to the planet.  

Reusable Dryer Balls  

Dryer sheets aren’t the best for the environment, but luckily, we have an amazing, creative alternative. Reusable dryer balls help dry your clothes and remove static without causing any harm to the environment. They come in a range of sustainable materials such as wool, making them the better option for you and the planet.  

Only doing a full load  

Only putting on a full load might be obvious but it’s a great way to be more environmentally stable. As much as you might want to put a load on that just has a few pieces in, it's much better to wait until there is a full basket. Like we said above, most of the energy consumption comes from heating up the water, so doing lots of small loads will use a lot of energy. Conserve resources by having a regular time of the week to do washing, so you know that there will be enough clothes to make it worth it!  

Understanding laundry symbols  

Laundry symbols can be tricky to get your head around but making sure you know what means what is actually very helpful to the planet. This is because it prevents you from accidently shrinking and ruining any garments, stopping them from being thrown out and impacting the environment.  

If you want to do your part for the planet then start incorporating these tips, plus with smart tech on our washing machines and dryers it’s never been easier. It’s environmental excellence! Check out the Laundry Hub on the Hisense Website today!