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Hisense receives Good Housekeeping Award for the WF5S1245BW Washing Machine and DH5S102BW Tumble Dryer!

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We truly believe that Hisense laundry appliances are quality products, but we were still thrilled when the WF5S1245BW and DH5S102BW were Good Housekeeping approved respectively. These washing machines pack in the latest tech and offer you complete flexibility. When it comes to putting loads on, two are never the same so having the ability to control each wash and dry is a huge advantage. Here are some of the excellent features available on the WF5S1245BW and DH5S102BW! 

The Hisense 5S Series WF5S1245BW  

Auto Dosing 

The WF5S1245BW comes with the efficient and money saving setting of Auto Dose. With this feature the Hisense technology automatically dispenses the right amount of liquid detergent for the specific washing load. Plus, the detergent box can store enough detergent and softener for up to 24 uses, so need to stress about adding it each time you want to do a cycle.  

Steam Wash  

When cleaning clothes it is vital to ensure that any bacteria is removed, to keep you happy and healthy. With Steam Wash up to 99.9% of bacteria is killed by the high-temperature steam release during the cycle. This fantastic tech is able to penetrate deep into clothes and remove unwanted bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.  

Quick Wash 

Time is always hard to manage and sometimes you just want to throw in a load so its ready to be used again. With Quick Wash you can choose a 49 min or 15 min programme which cleans half a load/1kg of laundry in no time at all.  

Energy Monitoring  

With the WF5S1245BW the tech is extremely creative, so much so that now you can even manage everything from the ConnectLife App. You can sync the washing cycle to the drying cycle automatically as well as track your daily cleaning habits. ConnectLife is also available to use on the DH5S102BW too!  

Hisense 5S Series DH5S102BW   

Good Housekeeping also approved of the brilliant DH5S102BW Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, which is no surprise with all its handy features and A+++ Energy Efficiency.  

Allergy Care  

The DH5S102BW also uses the power of tech to keep your clothes clean. With Allergy Care clothes are sterilised by hight temperature hot air, which can also remove up to 99.9% of bacteria. This is also a great feature to use in summer when allergens stick to clothes and cause unwanted irritation.  


If you ever need your clothes in a hurry after they have been washed and dried, then Anti-Crease is the solution. Able to prevent wrinkles by detecting clothes have not been taken out in 15 mins, it will stop heating the drum and tumble intermittently to prevent wrinkles from forming.  


The ability to get clothes out in no time is also something you can gain with settings like Auto-Dry. The high precision sensor in the DH5S102BW is able to monitor residual water weight and temperature and automatically adjust the drying time to save you energy and time. Drying clothes excessively can damage the material, but with such clever tech built into Hisense appliances you don’t need to worry at all.  

All these features make it clear to see why Good Housekeeping were happy to put their sign of approval on the WF5S1245BW and DH5S102BW. To learn more about the other top-quality features available on them that weren’t mentioned in this blog, check out our website today!