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Why a Hisense vacuum is a must-buy this Spring



Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to transform your home from a cosy winter wonderland into an open space with plenty of light, to welcome the warmer weather.

Whilst doing this, it is common practice to have a spring clean, ensuring there is no left-over sparkles or tinsel from Christmas. Naturally, some tasks can seem more of a nuisance to do, like vacuuming.

Surprisingly, most people do not vacuum any way near as much as we should, studies show that an average household thoroughly vacuums once every two weeks*, but it is recommended to be at least once a week.

You may think this is not important, but vacuuming more regularly could be the key to lessen allergens like hay fever in the upcoming summer months. By vacuuming 1-2 times per week you can reduce safety hazards, and risk to exposure of dust or allergens, whilst lengthening your carpets life!

Having a solid routine in place for how often you clean your home is the most efficient way of maintaining a tidy space; Hisense can show you how to get the most out of a vacuum, to help you clean efficiently.

All our vacuums at Hisense are cordless, and come with a Detachable battery, therefore there is no inconvenience of dragging around a wire. Have the freedom of walking around the house hassle free. Make the task more enjoyable by sticking your favourite album on!

The detachable battery means that whilst charging, it doesn’t need to be connected to the full unit, making it a quick and simple task.

HiStyle range:

Hisense vacuum cleaners have a 70-minute runtime – dependant on the size of your home, this is great for a deep clean-up day. 70 minutes provides enough time to perform your weekly vacuum, with no disruptions.

The 2-in-1 design easily converts from a stick to handheld. This means that you can reach all areas. Get those spider webs in the corner of the ceiling, the crumbs on the table, and clean into the awkward corners of the house!

Use the foldable handle to make the device more compact, to put into a small cupboard, whilst charging it at the same time.

Hi-Move range:

The high move range has a smaller run time of 45 minutes, however, has a large capacity of 0.55 litres, so you have the convenience to clean multiple rooms per time, without needing to empty the cup.

When the machine is full, simply press the one touch empty button. Then put onto the wall mount, which will instantly charge it!


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How Often Should You Vacuum? (*