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Improving your laundry routine can be beneficial to sensitive skin



Protect your skin from your clothes

Yes, you read this correctly. Your clothes might irritate sensitive skin, especially if you already have hypersensitive skin. But with a few simple steps you can improve your laundry routine and prevent your skin for being irritated by the very clothes, that were supposed to protect it.

Choose the right washing machine

Choosing the right washing machine makes a big difference. Hisense offers advanced models, that have special functions and programmes. One worth extra mentioning is Allergy Steam which eliminates bacteria with deep steam cleaning at the end of the washing cycle. Intertek tests have showed that it protects the skin by eliminating 99.99 % of bacteria out of clothes with highly efficient Steam Cleaning. Furthermore, the clothes cleaned with this programme also have less creases, are softer and need less ironing. Our WFGE washing machines have Steam Clean built in.

Separate your laundry the right way

To prevent the spread of viruses, it’s recommended to separately wash the clothes that were worn by someone who is sick. Since younger children crawl and explore, they tend to pick up more germs, it’s recommended to wash their clothes separately as well as well as the towels. Bathroom towels are thicker and stay damp longer, so they provide better conditions for germs survival, while kitchen towels are exposed to different bacteria that can be found in the kitchen. It is therefore better to wash these items separately and accordingly to their needs.

Wash your clothes as soon as possible

It’s important to regularly wash your clothes, but how do you know, when they need washing? Sadly, in these situations you cannot only rely on your nose, since we can only smell sweat or body oils, and are unable to detect bacteria or viruses. It is therefore best to wash your clothes often. Also avoid leaving dirty clothes in a laundry basket for long periods of time.  If clothes are wet or moist and left uncleaned, the laundry basket might provide a great place for germs to breed.

Use the right amount of laundry detergent

When doing laundry follow the instructions on your detergent. While using more detergent might sound like a good way to make your clothes cleaner, this is not the case. When using too much of it, the detergent might not get completely washed out and this can result in visible detergent residue, clothes feeling scratchy, and it can also cause bacteria to thrive. But with Auto Dose Assist you don’t have to worry because the WFQR Washing machine determines the optimal amount of detergent for your wash. It measures the load to make sure you are using the detergent in the most economical and environmentally friendly way possible.


Clean your washing machine

While doing a great job at cleaning your laundry, the washing machine needs cleaning as well. This is because dirt, mould and bacteria can build up in parts of the machine, like its rubber seals. On the bright side, washing the machine is not as hard as it sounds. Run the self-clean programme for truly excellent washing performance. Our Special Drum Clean programme cleans the drum with more water, at higher temperatures and drum rotation speeds to ensure always pristine hygienic interior.