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How to use your tumble dryer this winter



Colder temperatures and unreliable weather that make drying clothes harder are here. Here are some of the reasons many households enjoy using tumble dryers. If you are considering getting one this winter, Hisense are here with answers to your popular questions about tumble dryers.


Why do I need a tumble dryer?

Tumble dryers are a popular appliance for a good reason. First and foremost, they provide fast drying times. They are also perfect if you don’t have a big balcony, garden with rotary dryer or space for drying rack. Besides that, you don’t have to worry about weather since they do their job even when its raining, cold or humid.

Which clothes can you put in tumble dryer?

Tumble dryer’s dry your clothes by spinning them around and warming them up. During spinning they rub against each other which can result in wear and tear while the warmth can cause certain materials to shrink or change form. Therefore, certain items should not be put in a dryer. In general, using a dryer is not recommended for leather or fur (real or faux), suede, rubber, nylon, latex, and waterproof items. Hisense tumble dryers  have a special programme, Gentle Dry that works at low temperature of 40 °C to keep your delicate laundry in its shape. It’s perfect for delicate garments such as silk blouses and woollen clothes.

Check the label on the items carefully. If there is icon that looks like a square with a circle inside and a cross through it, this means the item should not be put in the dryer. Some labels even include the statement “do not tumble dry”. So, we strongly recommend you always follow the care instructions regarding heat settings, because nothing ruins clothes faster than too much heat.

How much can you put inside of it?

Check your manual for exact information but in general tumble dryers can handle around 8 kilograms of clothes. Make sure you don’t put too much inside, since this can result in longer drying times, higher energy consumption or poorly dried clothes. When putting the load inside the machine pay attention to items you are drying together as well. Put heavy and big items in one load and small and light in another one so you avoid over drying. We also recommend loosen your just-washed laundry before putting them in the dryer, so they don’t get tangled up and allow the air to circulate around the fabric and dry it perfectly. To aid drying you can use dryer balls which separate the fabric.

How do you maintain the machine?

Tumble dryers won’t waste your time in any way.  It’s however recommended to clean the filter after each cycle and empty the water tank (if your dryer has one). It’s also recommended to clean the dryer itself with a cloth from time to time. But other than that, you’re set to go.

Which tumble dryer is best for you?

Hisense offers a wide variety of tumble dryers with impressive Twin Air technology which moves the air within the drum indifferent directions to ensure the clothes are dried perfectly, without getting tangled.
There are two types of dryers, condenser dryers which collect water in a container that must be emptied regularly. And heat pump dryers which are quiet and the most energy efficient, as they work by recirculating warm air. This enables drying at lower temperatures than a conventional dryer, keeping the clothes in top shape and bonus points as it’s a cost efficient and environment friendly technology too.