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How to take care of your towels after days at the beach



Beach towels are an essential for trips to the beach, especially when most of us will be taking advantage of the sunny weather. They dry us, keep us covered when the picks up, and give us a comfortable surface to lie on, avoiding small beach pebbles and shells. Our first advice is to invest in a good-quality towel. While you will need to replace them at a certain point, you can be sure they will last for quite a few seasons if you take good care of them properly.


Start at the beach

The first step starts before leaving the beach. Make sure you shake your towels well before taking them home, so that you remove as much sand and dirt as possible. This way the grains will not stick onto the towel’s fibres, Keeping the beach at the beach and reducing the amount of sand which comes home with you and the family.


Dry them after use

Don’t keep your towels balled-up or in a bag, since they might develop mildew. Instead, hang them up to dry the moment you get home, preferably in the sun, so that its rays can kill a lot of the germs and prevent bacteria from spreading. If it happens to be a cloudy or even rainy day, use the dryer. Hisense dryers have a Humidity Sensor Technology with smart sensors that stop the drying once the clothes are dry, which makes them a great option, even for beach towels.


Wash accordingly

After your towels are dried, shake them well again before washing them, so that sand and dirt will not clog your washer’s filters. In general, it’s recommended to wash your beach towels after every three to four uses, unless they are starting to become dirty or have any stains of course (sun cream we’re looking at you), in which case it is best to wash them straight away and do so with warm water. If this is not the case use lower temperature, which will help your towels stay colourful and avoid shrinking. In any case, it’s important to not overuse the laundry detergent and skip the fabric softener completely, this will keep your towels clean, absorbent, and soft.


Take care of stains

Beach towels are not only exposed to similar stains as other laundry but also to sun cream and foods like ice cream. It is important not to use the dryer until you have removed these stains since using the dryer beforehand can result in more difficulties in removing stains. Make sure you treat stains accordingly before washing them and use the right wash cycle. Hisense washing machines are designed to remove even the toughest of stains with their unique drum ensuring effective washing.