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Hisense’s top tips for reducing food waste and saving money


In the current economic climate, prices for food are increasing rapidly, so it is important to know useful tips and tricks on where you can make extra savings, which can make a big difference. There are simple actions you can take to reduce your weekly spend on food and prevent food waste. It has been found that on average over 1/3 of food produced globally is wasted*. This has a negative effect both financially and ecologically.

Here are a few simple tricks to reduce food waste throughout the year and save some pennies along the way.

Writing a shopping list:

By performing an in depth cupboard and fridge-freezer search prior to going shopping and writing a list of things that you need for the week you can avoid buying unnecessary items. Often people might forget about the meat in the freezer and purchase more.

Meal prepping:

Although this term is often associated with gym-goers, it is an efficient way of cooking and goes hand in hand with a shopping list. If you decide to physically or mentally meal prep, you will be at an advantage when writing your shopping list. It keeps you organized for the week, and ensures you are buying food with a purpose to you!

Left over meals can be left in the fridge 3-4 days after being made. Ensure your fridge is below 5 degrees so that the food inside is kept at its optimum and wait 1-2 hours before putting hot food into the fridge, so it maintains the optimal temperature to keep the food fresh.

Stock your food properly in the fridge:

Ensure you are stocking your fridge efficiently via putting meats on the bottom shelf to avoid leakages which contaminate other foods and strategically put food which is frequently used at the front of the fridge, so it is in front of you to grab when needed!

Some fruit and vegetables should be refrigerated and stored together could go in your crispier draw, which will keep them fresher for longer and maintain their desired state.

Click here to see what fruit and veg you should keep in (or out) of the fridge!

Freezing things:

Freezing food is a hack to reducing waste; meats, vegetables, fruit and more can be cut up and popped into the freezer until needed. Vegetables can be defrosted easily to use when needed, frozen fruit is perfect for smoothies and meat can be thawed safely in the fridge or microwave.

 My fresh choice allows a section of the fridge to be used interchangeably via controlling the temperature to suit your needs. This feature is convenient in the case you have extra shopping which needs to be frozen.

Food can stay frozen for up to 2 months safely, so ensure you mark each thing with a use buy date yourself and check every few months.

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