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Find the Crown Competition! The Hisense Virtual Treasure Hunt has Begun


To celebrate the King’s Coronation on Saturday 6th May, we’re giving our followers the chance to win a retro fridge in either regal red, timeless black, or classic white. Join our ‘Find the Crown’ competition and explore our virtual kingdom for a chance to take the throne!

Hidden in the depths of our website’s product pages, the illustrious Hisense crown has been hidden in various secret locations! It could be anywhere, and your mission (if you choose to accept) is to navigate through the virtual kingdom of Hisense UK. Investigate the land of Laser TVs, explore the world of ovens, search the realm of refrigeration, and beyond! Keep an eagle eye out for the regal symbol, for it may be tucked away in the most unexpected corners.

How to enter?

Once you spot the elusive Hisense crown, click it and you’ll be able to enter your details into the prize draw pop-up box. Every day the crown will move to a new product page so you can enter as many times as you like. Don’t forget to come back the next day and play all over again!

Each successful treasure seeker will be entered into a draw to win a Hisense RB390 Retro Fridge designed to keep your household provisions fresh, and your feasts fit for a King. What’s more, you can choose between our classic range of colours including red, white and black. With the RB390 royal-worthy retro fridge, you can elevate your kitchen to majestic heights.

You have until midnight on Monday 8th May to find the crown!

Begin searching today! Unleash your inner explorer and take a journey in our virtual realm! Let the adventure begin and may the luckiest treasure seeker be crowned the champion of our King’s Coronation ‘Find the Crown’ Competition!