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Can the way you wash your laundry impact your skin?



The unpredictable weather in the UK can can be a catalyst for skin changes, especially for those with hypersensitive skin.

Whilst the seasons are slowly changing it’s important to know how to use your washing machine correctly, and keep irritation to a minimum.

Ensuring you have access to a washing machine which caters to your skin sensitivity is crucial to controlling irritation. This can be detrimental if you have young children or anyone who suffers from issues such as eczema.

Hisense has advanced models with special functions and programmes to aid in preventing any issues, whether that be for you or your family.

Allergy steam:

One function that we offer is allergy steam. This removes bacteria via steam cleaning at the end of a washing cycle. Interek tests have determined that it protects the skin by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria out of our clothes. As a bonus, your clothes will come out mostly wrinkle-free too, so you don’t have to bother with an iron!

This function can be found in our WFGE washing machines.

Auto dose assist:

Another function we offer is auto dose assist. This does what it says on the tin; it will help you save more money and detergent in the long run by dispensing appropriate amount for your wash.

If the dose of detergent is too high and is left on the clothes without you seeing, it can be very irritating for the skin.

Auto dose ensures you are washing your clothes efficiently, and environmentally – find this in our WFQR range.

3D Ribs and snowflake design drums:

Thanks to the specially designed 3D ribs on some of our washing machines, our appliances have been designed to handle our clothes gently. This way, clothes stay intact, and are softer for longer. So, in the long run, you can enjoy good quality garments for longer. This is especially beneficial with individuals who buy clothes dependant on the fabric with softness in mind.

Self-clean programmes:

It goes without saying, that having a clean washing machine will give you a better result when washing your clothes. Dirt, bacteria and mould breeds in moist areas, so it is important to ensure your washing machine is always clean. Washing your clothes in a filthy machine will do nothing but encourage irritation on the skin. Hisense washing machines have self-cleaning programmes, such as ‘special drum clean’ to make this easier than doing it manually.

Inverter technology:

Inverter technology ensures your machine makes less noise than usual – this is beneficial for sleeping. A lack of sleep can negatively impact your health, and in turn potentially disturb you skin. Therefore, it is important to get enough of it to avoid being run down. Hisense machines ensure a quiet cycle. At night, sleep whilst hearing next to no noise from your machine.


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