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5 laundry hacks to save time and money



Laundry day. We all hate the sound of it. Sacrificing a whole (or a few hours) day of our weekend to sort, pre-soak, wash, and fold immense piles of clothes. Are you overwhelmed just by the thought of doing laundry? Here are our top laundry hacks that will help you breeze through your chores saving you energy, time, and money. And, of course, leave you plenty of time to enjoy your day.

Do laundry while you are not at home

Sounds impossible, but thanks to modern technology it is a habit you should acquire immediately. There is nothing better than let your home do the chores. Start a new load while shopping or before going to work. New washing machines, like this Hisense model, have Time Delay function that allows you to conveniently set the time for when you want the wash cycle to end, up to 24 hours in advance. So, when you come home at 5 pm, your clothes will be crisp and clean, without sitting for hours in the machine drum.

Skip the long washing cycle

Even when your clothes are less dirty (think of office clothes, daily wear, pyjamas) you will be tempted to select the long wash cycle. Well don’t. It consumes lots of water, energy and of course takes hours and hours of your time. Wash smart instead. Hisense washing machines are designed to help you achieve the best results even in shorter cycles. With innovative 3D drum design, superb washing technology and Steam Wash at the end of the cycle they remove the toughest stains, odours and bacteria while being gentle on even the most delicate clothes. For sturdy and dirty clothes, we recommend running a regular cycle.

SECRET TRICK: For the whitest whites, brightest colours, and softest fabrics, add a cup of white vinegar to every wash. The vinegar helps remove stains and bacteria even in cold water and at the same time keeps your clothes as new. Don’t worry, there will be no smell of vinegar on your clothes afterwards. On top, it is also good for your washing machine as it keeps scale at bay.

Steam instead of wash

Do you wash clothes after every single use? Piles of laundry are often a consequence of our habit to over-wash clothes. If your clothes are not dirty, try a quick 30-minute Air Refresh instead. Amazing technology, incorporated in Hisense tumble dryers, uses steam to neutralize light odours, so your clothes are ready to be worn again without washing. It is also a great trick for seasonal wardrobe changes and new clothes, as you don’t have to wash everything before first use.

Use mesh bags

Mesh washing machine bags are great for two reasons. First, you can sneak your handwash delicates, like lingerie, and sheer tights, in any gentle washing machine cycle. The mesh bag adds a layer of protection to keep your clothes safe. This is what they are meant for. But there is another, even more ingenious use. Use it to wash socks! Give everyone in the household their own mesh bag to put dirty socks in. This way socks will not mix up in the washing machine, meaning there will be no giant pile of socks to sort and fold. Just give a full mesh bag of clean socks to the owner and voilà, your work is done.

Fold straight from the dryer

Once you’ve washed your dirty clothes, don’t let piles of clean ones clutter your house. As soon as the dryer cycle is done, head to the laundry room, take out your clothes and fold or hang them. Freshly dried clothes have less creases and need nearly any ironing, so you will save much more time in that department. Besides, you will feel amazing afterwards, as you will be done with laundry skipping a few extra steps (of looking at and complaining about it).