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Seasonal foods to stock in your fridge this Spring

Seasonal Foods to stock in your fridge_freezer this Spring!.webp

With Spring finally approaching we can’t help but get excited about all the seasonal food to enjoy! We thought we’d share some of the delicious homegrown fruit and veg on offer this spring and keep an eye out on upcoming blogs for some creative recipes to try out using them! Spanning from mid-March to May, these few months produce some of the best food so let’s see what’s on offer this Spring.  

Fruit: Rhubarb  

Before we break down the key veg of each month, we had to give a moment to the fruit of the season, Rhubarb! For the whole of Spring, this fruit flourishes, so don’t miss out on using it in a range of amazing recipes. Apart from just leaving it out on the counter, you can store Rhubarb in both the fridge and freezer. If you are storing your rhubarb in the fridge, make sure to trim the stalks and any excess leaves. After you have done this wrap them up in loose, breathable plastic. Add a few holes in a plastic bag in order to allow air to circulate and to let the gas that accelerates the ripening process escape. The RQ758N4SWFE uses a Multi Drawers Design for more space and for that extra freshness. To preserve freshness for as long as possible, this drawer will be sure to keep the precious rhubarb fresh and delicious for you!  

If you would prefer to store it in the freezer you can cut the stalks into 1-inch pieces before freezing them. Place in a freezer bag or airtight container and they can last in the freezer for a few months. Plus, thanks to Total No Frost tech in the RQ758N4SWFE the rhubarb will be safe from annoying ice crystals.  


Vegetables are abundant this Spring and with such variety the possibilities of what to cook are vast. Keeping them fresh is a breeze with features like Multi Air Flow on the RQ758N4SWFE which allows a constant temperature to keep everything fresh. Thanks to the even distribution of cold air achieved by the smart Multi Air Flow System, an optimal temperature is consistently maintained throughout your fridge freezer. It helps keep your veggies chilled to perfection no matter where it is placed.   

Spring Onions are great all year round, but with the season in its name there is a reason they truly shine in Spring. Perfect to add to salads for an extra touch of freshness or as a garnish on noodles and beyond, they are a versatile vegetable we love! With Metal Cooling tech in the RQ758N4SWFE you’ll have cool air in every corner. Since the rear wall of the fridge is overlaid with stainless steel, it ensures the cool air is distributed evenly from the inside out. This combination of advanced technologies ensures ideal temperature and humidity levels at all times. Perfect for preserving your greens!  

Beetroot is another tasty treat to enjoy this Spring. Adding the perfect amount of sweetness to salads, you can simply chop it up and add it to whatever your heart desires.  

Carrots and parsnips are a welcomes addition to any roast dinner, and this spring they can pair perfectly with a whole range of meat and non-meat options. Make sure to pick some up, we love how they taste with a honey glaze but feel free to cook to your liking. Keep them fresh with the RQ758N4SWFE ‘s Super Cool function. The Super Cool function can cool down the internal temperature quickly and keeps the fridge compartment to a regular +2℃ for 6 hours. This is great to help keep the flavour, colour and nutritional value of fresh food. 

Finally, watercress comes alive spring and its great for your health too. Studies have found it helps keep skin looking youthful as well as helping to improve eyesight. The benefits of watercress make it something we should all be implementing into a out diets on a regular basis. This Spring take the first step and add it whenever and wherever!  

Let’s welcome Spring with open arms and stomachs and enjoy all the healthy fruits and veg it brings. Keep all your food fresh with the RQ758N4SWFE and learn more about its range of features by checking it out on the Hisense Website today!